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7 Ways to Stay Active with Your Disabled Loved Ones

7 Ways to Stay Active with Your Disabled Loved Ones

If you are a support worker or a family member of a person with disabilities, it’s crucial to step up and help keep them active throughout the week. Finding novel ways to stay active has a number of advantages for your physical and mental health, as well as theirs. There are many ways you can stay active with your disabled people, and some of the activities that keep them active are as follows:

  • When you go out with your disabled people in a wheelchair, try not to push them too fast or get frustrated when they can’t keep up. Keep a slow pace, and give yourself enough time to stop if needed.
  • Even a small amount of exercise can improve your overall health if done consistently over time. When you’re participating in adapted sports activities alongside others who have similar limitations as you do, it becomes much easier to stick with a workout programme or routine.

  • Getting out into public may not seem like the most fun thing in the world right now (or ever), but it’s key for building independence skills. Disabled adults report high rates of loneliness due to limited social interactions outside the home. Participating in community activities could bring positivity to your loved ones.

  • Look into local parks and gardens, which often include programmes and amenities tailored to people with disabilities. You can also go fishing or hiking. These activities are suitable for all ages and require no specific equipment or abilities.

  • Spend time at cottage resorts, where various amenities, such as pools and tennis courts, are available. Take advantage of these opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature with your family!

  • Don’t forget about informal socialising; going out for coffee, dinner, lunch, or excursions with friends can be terrific ways to connect and share everyday and exceptional experiences.

  • Finally, always keep communication open between all parties involved so that everyone knows what’s happening and how they’re affecting each other positively and negatively.

Therefore, being active is one of the most helpful strategies to promote physical and mental health. We encourage you and your loved ones to stay active by involving yourself in physical activities to rejuvenate.

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