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Get Active, Feel Great: Top Wellness Tips for NDIS Participants with a Disability!

At Bharosa Community Services, we understand that living with a disability can present unique challenges when it comes to staying healthy. But worry not! There are countless ways to adapt your routine and experience the joy of movement. Here are some tips to get you started, along with how our support services can help you on your fitness journey:

1. Embrace Modified Exercise:

  • Love the water? Swimming is a fantastic low-impact activity that’s easy on the joints and perfect for all ability levels.
  • Can’t stand for long? Chair yoga offers a gentle but effective way to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • Miss being outdoors? Try adapted walks using assistive technology like walkers or wheelchairs. Explore scenic nature trails or discover new neighbourhoods.

Bharosa Bonus: Our support workers can be your exercise buddies! They can help you create a safe and personalised routine, modify exercises to fit your needs, and keep you motivated.

2. Discover the Power of Strength Training:

  • Don’t underestimate resistance bands! These versatile tools offer a fantastic way to build strength and improve muscle tone from the comfort of your home.
  • Free weights, your way! Weights can be adapted for various abilities. Use lighter weights for high repetitions or add wrist or ankle weights for an extra challenge.
  • Bodyweight exercises rock! Squats, lunges, wall pushes, and planks are all fantastic exercises that require no equipment and can be modified for different fitness levels.

Bharosa Bonus: Support workers can help you learn proper form and technique to ensure safe and effective strength training workouts.

3. Make Fitness Fun and Functional:

  • Dance it out! Put on your favourite tunes and create a fun, adapted dance routine. You’ll be surprised at how much exercise you get while having a blast.
  • Incorporate daily activities. Gardening, housekeeping tasks, and even playing with a pet can be turned into light exercise opportunities.
  • Join an adapted fitness class. From water aerobics to seated Zumba, there’s likely a class out there designed for your specific needs and interests.

Bharosa Bonus: Our team can help you find adapted fitness classes or activities in your area, ensuring you have a fun and supportive environment to stay active.

Remember: Small changes add up! Start with exercises you enjoy and gradually increase intensity or duration as you get stronger. Consistency is key. Bharosa is Your Partner in Wellness. Thus, we believe everyone deserves to feel their best.

So, don’t hesitate to contact Bharosa Community Services today. We’re here to support you on your journey to a healthier, happier you!

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