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NDIS Support During Queensland Floods and Severe Weather

NDIS Support During Queensland Floods

NDIS Support During Queensland Floods is expected as Queensland struggles with severe weather events and widespread flooding. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is actively engaged in supporting participants, families, and care takers. And, the priority remains ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone affected.

Immediate Actions in Case of Emergency:

  • Emergency Contacts: 

In any emergency situation, always dial 000 for immediate assistance. Follow the advice and instructions provided by local emergency services to ensure personal safety and get NDIS Support During Queensland Floods.

  • Stay Informed: 

For the latest updates, including evacuation orders and specific regional information, visit the Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) website. They provide essential guidance to your location.

  • NDIS Assistance and Support:

Contacting the NDIS National Contact Centre: 

For those impacted by severe weather, including floods, the NDIS National Contact Centre at 1800 800 110 stands ready to assist. The NDIS is prioritising calls from affected participants to provide fast NDIS Support During Queensland Floods.

Urgent Assistive Technology (AT) Needs: 

If urgent repairs or replacements for assistive technology are required, the National Contact Centre can authorise necessary funds over the phone. Then, participants can receive immediate assistance by contacting the NDIS.

NDIA Cairns Office Status: 

Please note that the NDIA Cairns office might still be closed until further notice due to the ongoing situation. In that situation, contact through the National Contact Centre (1800 800 110 or email is recommended.

Australian Government and Queensland Support:

  • Financial Support:

The Australian Government and Queensland Government have activated support measures for those impacted by the severe weather, such as Tropical Cyclone Jasper. In spite of the challenges, Services Australia offers various forms of assistance, including financial aid, temporary accommodations, support for many issues, access to social workers, and mental health support. NDIS Support During Queensland Floods is what people have the highest need for.

  • Recovery Services: 

Recovery Connect, available through the Queensland Government, includes information about flood services and support, including essentials like food, health services, evacuation, and recovery centres based on your location. On the other hand, they also provide guidance on preparation and actions during flooding.

Therefore, as a registered NDIS provider in Queensland, our primary focus is ensuring the safety and well-being of our participants during these challenging times. The NDIS stands ready to assist individuals with disabilities, their families, and care takers by providing immediate NDIS Support During Queensland Floods. Whether you are in need of urgent assistive devices, support or resources; we are here to connect you to the concerned authorities or assist you with our services during this difficult time.

Note: For a complete list of support and detailed guidance, please visit Queensland Government website (

Furthermore, in times of crisis, prioritising safety and seeking assistance when needed are really important for disabled community. The NDIS is committed to aiding participants and their support networks during this challenging period to ensure NDIS Support During Queensland Floods.

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