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Not Feeling Well? You’re Not Alone! Managing Stress and Anxiety for NDIS Participants.

Life can be stressful, and for people with disabilities, it can sometimes feel even more challenging. Feeling stressed or anxious is completely normal, but it’s important to find healthy ways to manage it. Here at Bharosa Community Services, we understand the unique challenges you face, and we’re here to help!

Tips to Defeat the Stress Monster:

  • Breathe Easy: Deep breathing exercises are a great way to calm your mind and body. Try taking slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine you’re inhaling peace and exhaling tension.

  • Find Your Zen Zone: Explore relaxation techniques like meditation or mindfulness exercises. These can help you focus on the present moment and let go of worries. There are many free guided meditations available online or through apps.
  • Talk it Out: Bottling things up only makes stress worse. Talk to a trusted friend, family member, therapist, or Bharosa support worker. Sharing your feelings can bring huge transformations.
  • Move Your Body: Exercise is a fantastic stress reliever, even if you have a disability. Walking, chair yoga, or gentle stretches can all help to reduce stress hormones and improve your mood.
  • Do the Things You Love: Make time for activities that bring you joy, whether it’s reading, listening to music, spending time in nature, or pursuing a hobby.
  • Connect with community: Feeling isolated can worsen stress. Reach out to friends and family, or join groups of like minded people. Building a strong social network through community access can be a great source of support.

Bharosa: Your Partner in Stress Management

At Bharosa Community Services, our caring support workers are here to be your partners in managing stress and anxiety. We can help you by:

  • Developing Coping Mechanisms: We’ll work with you to find healthy ways to cope with stress, like journaling, listening to calming music, or spending time with pets.
  • Practising Relaxation Techniques: Our support workers can guide you through relaxation exercises and teach you new techniques to manage stress in the moment.
  • Connecting with Resources: We can help you find therapists, counsellors, or support groups specifically for people with disabilities.

Tips for Families:

Living with a loved one who has a disability can also be stressful for families. Here are some ways to cope:

  • Educate Yourself: Learn about the specific challenges your loved one faces to better understand their perspective.
  • Communicate Openly: Encourage open and honest communication with your loved one about their stress and anxieties.
  • Practice Self-Care: Don’t forget to take care of yourself! Find healthy ways to manage your own stress, so you can better support your loved one.
  • Seek Support: Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, family, therapists, or support groups.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to go through this alone. Bharosa Community Services is here to support you and your loved one on your journey to a calmer, happier life. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help!

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