NDIS Registered Provider in Queensland

Assistance with daily personal chores

Is disability not letting you perform day-to-day rituals? NDIS-trained support staff and registered nurses at Bharosa Health Services are here to help you out.

With specialised training and up-to-date communication support, our team is willing to ease the daily chores of disabled people.

The daily activities we assist with include:


Assistance in choosing clothing that best fits your needs and looks good on you. Getting you dressed, seated, and safely assisted to a chair or wheelchair.


Assistance with eating with required nutritional meals. Checking specialised requirements and preparing food on that basis.

Medication Management

Assistance with taking the right medicine at the right time. It also includes IVF fluids; when required.


Help with networking such as developing friendships within the community and helping to communicate and participate in the community.

Grooming and emotional support

We know it is important for everyone to look and feel good. So, we assist you with brushing, shaving, moisturising your body and ultimately feeling good about yourself.

Personal Hygiene

Assistance with personal Hygiene includes bathing, brushing, and cleaning the body as well as belongings. We do not just maintain your hair, nails, and peripherals but also help you do it on your own if you are willing to learn.


Assistance with toileting is available to ensure that you do not suffer because of incontinence. Making you experience a pleasant bowel time is our concern.

Movement Assistance

Movement assistance includes supporting the mobility of a disabled person. We help to guide you in using a wheelchair or walker on top of providing emotional support. Making you feel seen and heard is what we focus on.

Skin Care

Assistance with skin care includes skin moisturisation, prevention of pressure injuries, and application of medications from a medical professional if needed.

Miscellaneous Personal Care

Miscellaneous personal care includes our free advice for making use of personal care devices like receiving calls, fixing meetings, and writing things. Furthermore, we assist in making food selections, preparing meals, and generally managing personal care needs.
In this way, we hope to create a world where everyone enjoys equal rights and opportunities regardless of disability status!
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