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Tips for medication management as the supportive worker of a person with a disability

Tips for medication management as the supportive worker of a person with a disability

If you’ve been trained to be a support worker, you’re probably aware that having the right strategies can assist in making your job a bit easier. People with disabilities can benefit from targeted practises to live a healthy and independent life. You can take better care of your participants if you use some of these tips for managing their medications.

Make the proper inquiries

To make sure participants are getting the right and needed medication, you can speak with their health professionals to make the proper inquiries on their behalf.

Keep a medication list

Begin keeping a list of all the medications your participant is taking. Include prescription medications, medicine dosages, and other herbal supplements in your list. This is because multivitamins and herbal supplements can sometimes interact with other medications. Therefore, you need to keep track of all medications.

Use Indicators or Timers

Use indicators and timers, or reminder apps that will assist in managing the drug doses. Your timer could be one that your participants can hear and see so that you know when it’s time to prepare the medicine doses and have everything ready for the people who don’t want to take their medicine.

Pay close attention to the labels

Pay special attention to the instructions for use and drug labels on the participants’ prescription medications. Examine any potential adverse effects, cautions, and warnings associated with the consumption of the medicine. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your current medications on a regular basis to make sure there are no bad interactions between them.

Monitor the medicine doses

Keep monitoring the requirements of the medicine doses while supplying them to the participants. Also, be aware of the medicinal amount that must be used and use the drug calendar to keep track of the medicine during treatment.

In this way, you can help participants achieve better health by looking after the medications effectively. We hope this guide will be fruitful in completing your task impeccably.

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