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Tips on how to use NDIS funding

Tips on how to use NDIS funding

The NDIS is a legal entity created by the Australian Government to provide funding for disability services. It provides grants to organisations and individuals who have been nominated as service providers in order to support disabled Australians to live independently in their own homes, workplaces, social settings, and communities.

This article will explore five ways to use the NDIS fund for disabled people.

Social participation

We provide aid for disabled people to take part in social participation, so they have a feeling of belonging in their society. Increased social participation can improve the health, well-being, and quality of life of people with disabilities.

Assist with travel /transport

We assist participants generally receiving funding through the NDIS for transportation assistance if they are unable to use public transportation without difficulty due to a disability. This service allows participants to complete daily tasks and meets their needs to live a comfortable life. Our supportive staffs take them in wheelchairs or walkers to get on and off of buses.

Work Assist

Its main motive is to provide support for people with disabilities to stay at work. A lot of disabled people have a strong desire to be employed and do not want their disability to be a barrier. They may also think that they should have the same chances as everyone else, including the chance to get a job.

Assist to study

We assist disabled people who want to receive an education. We manage the teachers and learning assistance and facilitate access to educational resources, learning-specific aids, and equipment such as computers and video-assistive technology so that they can easily pursue their studies without any trouble.

Home modification service

We facilitate the participants if they want to do home modification by providing skilled workers so that they can perform their daily activities easily. Participants’ homes will be transformed or changed as per their situations and requirements.

We are always committed to utilising the funds of the NDIS participants in an effective and planned way in order to make disabled people’s lives easier and more accessible.

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