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Training for employment opportunities for disabled people

Training for employment opportunities for disabled people

Training services for disabled people help them find work in the general field, in non-segregated settings, or in supported employment. The main goal of this service is to shape and train them to deal with situations in a smarter and more intelligent manner than average people in a competitive work environment.

In this article, we have investigated the five genuine training services for disabled people seeking employment.

Community-Based Work Assessments

If participants have an interest and are able to return to work in the community competitively, our experts will monitor and coach you and your loved ones while you perform your essential work duties. Participants are also reminded to follow the plans and policies as if they were employees.

Choosing an Industry

Our goal is to match participants’ interests with the company for which they are enthusiastically working. Because everyone’s needs are different, we tailor our training services for each individual. We help people find suitable jobs in fields like food service, maintenance, customer service, clerical work, and more.


Internships are also available for interested participants under the supervision of our support staff. Our professional staff will work with the participant on the job to teach them and ensure that they are meeting the job requirements. This type of internship will allow them to gain practical experience in a working environment.

Assist in interview preparation

We assist in interview preparation through the advance planning of our support worker with the most frequently asked questions by the interviewer. For people with disabilities, the job interviewing process can be intimidating. To avoid this situation, we make them practise for the interview in class before they face one.

Vocational education

Before entering the corporate world, we provide our participants with hands-on experience in their chosen career path. Eligible participants who complete those rigorous programmes have the credentials and training required to begin their chosen career path immediately. The goal of this service is to provide accurate information about careers so that people can do their best for the industry and live comfortably.

These kinds of activities may help you and your loved ones grow and provide you with a platform to sell yourself in the market with ease.

Talk to us if you are seeking these kinds of services for your loved ones. Bharosa is always available at your disposal.

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