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Unlock Your Potential: NDIS Employment Support at Bharosa Community Services


The NDIS can be a powerful platform to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to find fulfilling employment. Bharosa Community Services believes that living with a disability doesn’t have to limit your career dreams. That is why we’re passionate about empowering NDIS participants on their journey to career success.

Focus on Skills, Not Jobs:

While we don’t directly provide jobs ourselves, Bharosa’s Employment Support Services take a skills-based approach. Our dedicated team works with you to:

  • Identify Your Strengths: We help you discover your existing skills and interests, uncovering hidden talents that could translate to a meaningful career.

  • Explore Career Paths: Based on your skills and aspirations, we explore suitable career options, considering job modifications or assistive technology that can open doors.

  • Develop Occupational Skills: We offer training and support to help you gain specific skills needed for your desired career path. This may include resume writing, interview preparation, or even software training relevant to your chosen field.

  • Build Confidence: Bharosa provides support and guidance to help you feel confident and prepared when going after job opportunities.

  • Connect with Employers: We use our network and resources to connect you with potential employers who are open to diverse talent and understand how to make necessary workplace adaptations.

  • Continued Support in the Workplace: Our commitment doesn’t end once you land a job. We offer ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and continued success in your new role.

Well, finding your dream job is about your potential, not your limitations. Bharosa Community Services is here to be your partner in achieving your career goals. Contact us today and let’s unlock your potential together!

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