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What is autism? Raising awareness regarding the symptoms of autism for early detection.

What is autism? Raising awareness regarding the symptoms of autism for early detection.

Autism is something that affects how some people think, talk, and interact with others. It is a neurological condition that mostly occurs due to genetic causes. That is why getting clear insights on the early detection symptoms of autism is necessary for finding a solution to this widespread problem in today’s scenario. Surprisingly, it can be detected in early adulthood with the symptoms getting worse with increasing age. Talking about causes of autism, both genetic and non-genetic are found from worldwide case studies. However, social isolation and the busy lifestyle of the city is also believed to be one of the factors of autism in children.  

However, it is not something that you should fear as a family member of an autistic patient. Instead, gathering courage and optimism in resolving the issues to give them a better life is our responsibility.

As a disability service provider, we have dedicated GP, allied health professionals and qualified support coordinators with broad experience in providing autism services. If you are not able to identify someone you know have autism or not, there are a few signs and symptoms of autism you can look for:

Different Ways of Talking:

Among the various symptoms of autism, some people might have trouble starting conversations or keeping them going. Besides, they might also talk in a way that sounds different from others.

Repeating Things: 

If you notice someone saying the same thing repeatedly; they might be autistic. Well, it is like when a broken record plays the same part over and over. So, in case you know such a person from an early age in children.

Liking Routine: 

Many people with autism like things to stay the same. It means that they might get upset if something unexpected happens. For example; they get irritated whenever there is a change in the position of a vase or toys.

Noticing Small Details: 

Some people with autism are good at noticing tiny things that others might not see. You can compare it to having supervision power. However, the extraordinary capacity to notice tiny details might irritate them, bringing in obsessive compulsive disorder in the long span of time.

Playing Differently: 

One of the most noticeable symptoms of autism is that children with autism might play with toys in a unique way. They could be really interested in one thing, like trains, and want to play with them a lot. But this single quality does not certify autism.

Body Movements:

People with autism might move their bodies in certain ways, like flapping their hands or rocking back and forth. These unusual symptoms of autism may begin to appear from the early teenage years. Besides, they do so because it helps them feel better 


Some sounds, lights, or textures might bother people with autism more than they bother others. They might cover their ears or avoid places with lots of noise. Being highly irritated when sitting amongst a group of people also indicates their sensitive nature.

Understanding Feelings: 

Sometimes, people with autism might have trouble understanding how others feel. They might not always know when someone is happy, sad, or mad. So, instead of judging them for their attitude; we need to figure out the symptoms of autism in them and find a solution to their problem.

Remember, everyone is unique, and having some of these signs does not mean someone has autism. Likewise, if you notice these signs and want to learn more, it is a promising idea to talk to a doctor or someone who knows about autism.

The professionals at Bharosa Community Services figure out and support the autistic people in the best way. We provide the best health consultation on top of engaging them with recreational activities and referral to experienced medical professionals. We have a dedicated activity officer to involve autistic participants in the activities that would support their healing. Besides, we have been trusted by many guardians with their disabled and autistic family members.

Having a proper and fund approved plan would save you money in receiving disability services from us. In case you need a plan organiser, we do refer you to the best plan managers who would bring the best result out of your approved funding.

So, feel free to book a 1:1 consultation today and meet our team of qualified health workers with high experience in autism support.

Please, fill the referral form if you know someone who is in need of disability help.You can also visit our Facebook page to know more about us. 

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