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Accessing NDIS Services Made Easier with Support Coordination

Accessing NDIS Services Made Easier with Support Coordination

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian government-funded program that provides support and funding for people with disabilities. NDIS services are essential for individuals with disabilities to live fulfilling lives and achieve their goals. However, accessing these services can be challenging for some people, especially those unfamiliar with the system. This is where support coordination comes in to make accessing NDIS services easier. In this blog, we will discuss support coordination and how Bharosa works towards it.

What is Support Coordination?

Support coordination is a service provided by the NDIS to help participants navigate the system and access the services they need. It involves working with a support coordinator who helps the participants understand their NDIS plan and find the most appropriate services. The support coordinator will also assist in making appointments, attending meetings, and liaising with service providers on behalf of the participant.

There are three ways to manage NDIS funds: 

  • Plan-managed, 
  • Self-managed, and 
  • Agency-managed

Each has its benefits and disadvantages, and it is up to the participant to decide which option is best for them. Let us explain them to you.

Plan Managed NDIS Fund

Plan-managed funding means the participant has chosen a registered plan manager to manage their NDIS funding. The plan manager will pay invoices and manage the participant’s funds on their behalf. The participant can choose any service provider registered with the NDIS, and the plan manager will handle the financial transactions. The plan administrator can advocate on your behalf to negotiate the funding for maximizing your NDIS fund.

Self-Managed NDIS Fund

Self-managed funding means that the participant manages their NDIS funding on their own. The participant is responsible for paying invoices and keeping track of their funds. This allows a space for participants’ creativity in making decisions about the fund. They can choose any service provider, whether or not they are NDIS registered. However, they must ensure that the service providers they choose comply with NDIS guidelines and are willing to work with self-managed participants.

Agency-Managed NDIS Fund

Agency-managed funding means that the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) manages the participant’s NDIS funding. The participant can only use service providers registered with the NDIS, and the NDIA handles all financial transactions. The payment takes place on the electronic platform and participants can get the maximum possible fund as planned by NDIS.

How Does Bharosa Work Towards Support Coordination?

Bharosa is an NDIS service provider offering a variety of services, including support coordination. Bharosa works towards simplifying access to NDIS services for the ones who need them. A free consultation is given by Bharosa where support consultants work with participants to understand their NDIS plans and find the most appropriate services for their needs.

We also offer plan management services, where they can manage a participant’s NDIS funding on their behalf. Our plan management services provide participants with more choice and control over the services they receive, allowing them to choose any service provider, whether or not they are registered with the NDIS.

In conclusion, accessing NDIS services can be challenging, but support coordination makes it easier. Participants can choose to manage their NDIS funds in one of three ways. Bharosa works towards support coordination by providing support coordination and plan management services. With the help of Bharosa, participants can go through the NDIS process with ease and access the services they need to live fulfilling lives.

We are available to support you with any kind of information regarding NDIS. Feel free to choose Bharosa as your NDIS partner.

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