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Community Nursing Care

If you are seeking community nursing care services, then you have come to the right place. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our patients receive good care similar to their homes.

Some of the community nursing care services offered by Bharosa include:

Home health aid assistance

If you are in need of help with any aspect of your home health care, there are a number of services available to you through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). One such service is home health aid assistance. This will allow someone who is caring for you at home to provide basic support and assistance with tasks that may be difficult or impossible for them due to their disability. This can include things like bathing, dressing, toileting, preparing food and drink, shopping for groceries and other needs, as well as providing emotional support.

Medication management

We help patients with medication management. We work out a plan with the patient on the basis of their health status to ensure that all medications are taken properly and at the right time. Along with that, we teach the patient how to avoid situations such as choking, swallowing problems, and breathing difficulties and the next course of action if they do occur.

Support during medical appointments or hospital stays

Our trained nurses can also provide support during medical appointments or hospital stays. This could include providing emotional support, assisting with communication, or accompanying the individual during their visit. They will also provide support during recovery from an illness or injury.

Bharosa’s motive is to provide quality, affordable care to people who need it most and help to support the full range of social, psychological, and physical needs that people with disabilities have. We would be delighted to discuss your specific needs with you and develop a care plan as per your requirements.

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