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Accessing Self-Care Services for the disabled person from the Bharosa Community Services

Accessing Self-Care Services for the disabled person from the Bharosa Community Services

Self-care is essential for everyone, including individuals with disabilities, as it contributes to their overall well-being. Bharosa Community Services recognises the unique needs of disabled individuals and offers a range of self-care services to support their physical, emotional, and mental health. In this blog, we will explore seven effective ways disabled individuals can access self-care services from Bharosa Community Services and discuss the organisation’s objectives in fostering their well-being.

Visit the Accessible Website

Bharosa Community Services has an accessible website that is designed to meet the needs of impaired people. Disabled people can simply use their website to find self-care services such as specialised counseling, adaptive sports, and inclusive wellness courses.

NDIS Conduct Disability-Friendly Information Sessions 

Bharosa Community Services supports disabled individuals in participating in disability-friendly information sessions, where they can gain insights into the offerings of NDIS. These sessions provide an opportunity to learn about NDIS services, including funding for a wide range of support services such as personal care, therapy, assistive technology, and more. By attending these sessions, individuals can gather valuable knowledge about the services they may consider accessing in the future.

Participate in Inclusive Community Outreach Events

Bharosa actively organises community outreach events with a focus on inclusivity. Disabled individuals can participate in these events to explore the self-care services provided. By attending workshops, seminars, or recreational activities, disabled individuals can not only gain knowledge but also interact with others who share similar experiences.

Seek Referrals from Disability Support Networks

Disabled individuals can reach out to disability support networks or organisations in their community for referrals to Bharosa Community Services. These networks often have firsthand experience or knowledge of the self-care services available and can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

Follow Disability-Inclusive Social Media Channels

By following Bharosa Community Services on disability-inclusive social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, disabled individuals can stay updated on their self-care programs, events, and any accessibility initiatives. These platforms offer a convenient way to receive information and engage with the organisation.

Overall, Bharosa Community Services is dedicated in improving the well-being of disabled people through comprehensive self-care services. Disabled people can embrace self-care and live fulfilling lives by using the accessible website, disability services helpline, email inquiries, attending disability-friendly information sessions, participating in inclusive community outreach events, seeking referrals from disability support networks, and following disability-inclusive social media channels. Our goals include building an inclusive atmosphere, providing accessible self-care services, and motivating disabled people to prioritise their health and well-being. Take the first step today and investigate the self-care services provided by Bharosa Community Services to improve your well-being. 

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