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Best NDIS plan option in Australia

Best NDIS plan option in Australia

The NDIS plan is a program in Australia that provides support and assistance for people with disabilities. It gives people who need special help access to public transportation, assistive devices, and other resources that help them live more independently.

There are three different types of NDIS plans available in Australia:

Level-1 Standard supports

The Standard Plan is the most affordable option and covers only basic needs such as mobility aids and assistive technology.

Level-2 High-Intensity Supports

High-Intensity Supports offer more comprehensive coverage, including personal attendants and equipment such as a wheelchair ramp.

Level-3 Very High-Intensity Supports

Very high-intensity support offers the most comprehensive coverage of all three plans, offering everything that’s included in Level 2 plus access to housing modifications and social services.

Which type of NDIS plan should you choose?

The best option depends on your specific needs. If you just need basic coverage, the Standard Plan will be adequate. If you need more extensive coverage than what’s offered by the Standard Plan, then consider the High-intensity Support or Very High-Intensity Support. 

Hence, to choose the best option for your family, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for and research which one suits your needs the best.

In either case, make sure to talk to our specialists at Bharosa in detail about your individual situation so we can make suitable support easily accessible to you.

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