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Bharosa Community Services at Education and Migration Expo: Interactive Session about Disability Services and Support

Bharosa Community Services at Education and Migration Expo: Interactive Session about Disability Services and Support

Expert Education and Migration Expo was launched with great success last weekend, providing visitors with an array of information and resources on various industries. Among the participating organizations, we also took part in the Expo, dedicated to providing support and services for individuals with disabilities. 

We are known for our tireless efforts to raise awareness and advocate for the disabled community, and we brought our expertise to the event. Our stall visitors were treated with an interactive experience, with staff members providing them with information about the services offered to individuals with disabilities and their families.  

Our team provided visitors with ample information on a variety of topics, including access to healthcare services, transportation, education, employment, and more. We also engaged with visitors in activities designed to promote inclusion and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. 

One of the major highlights of the event was the opportunity to meet individuals with disabilities and their families who have benefited from the services and information provided by Bharosa Community Services. They had the chance to hear the stories and learn more about the positive impact that Bharosa Community Services has made in their life and in the community. 

Hence our participation in the Expo was a resounding success. Our interactive approach to providing information on disability services was well received by visitors, and their commitment to advocacy and raising awareness was evident throughout the event.  

It is clear that we will continue to be a valuable resource for individuals with disabilities and their families, and their presence at events like this serves as a reminder of the importance of our commitment to community services.  

If you require any further information regarding the services we provide, please visit Bharosa Community Services at Home – Bharosa Community Services or send an email to 

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