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Bharosa Community Services Resources for Mental Health Support 

Bharosa Community Services Resources for Mental Health Support

The mental health issue has been growing exponentially across the world. A survey from 2017 found that (40% of the population) 10.7% of the population have mental health disorders, 3.4% of depression, 3.8% have anxiety disorders, 0.6% have bipolar disorder and they suffer from either mental health or substance use. 

Why is it so hard to talk about mental health? Do we fear being seen as weak? We won’t talk about mental health challenges because we believe others will think less of our suffering or view it as a sign of weakness. So people may also fear being judged as “crazy” or a “freak”. 

Your story is an inspiration to us all. And your well-being is at the heart of everything we do. And if you are looking for professional and comprehensive mental health services, Bharosa Community Services is here to provide unwavering support. As an NDIS service provider, we strive to empower individuals with mental health challenges, ensuring their access to a range of services tailored to their unique needs. 

Imagine a place where compassion meets expertise, where you can find a safe heaven to address your mental health concerns. Bharosa Community Services, backed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), is your ultimate resource for comprehensive mental health support. Whether you’re an individual seeking assistance or a family member wanting to extend support to a loved one, we are here to help;

Person-Centered Approach

At Bharosa Community Services, we understand that every person’s journey is unique. That’s why we employ a person-centered approach to ensure that our services align with individual needs, aspirations, and goals. We value your autonomy and actively involve you in decision-making processes, tailoring our services to suit your specific circumstances.

Assessment and Planning

We offer comprehensive assessments to gain a deeper understanding of your mental health needs. Through detailed evaluations, we create personalised plans that outline the best course of action to address your challenges effectively. Our qualified professionals work closely with you to set achievable goals, ensuring that you receive the support you need on your path to recovery.

Therapeutic Interventions

Bharosa Community Services provides a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic interventions to support your mental health journey. Our team of dedicated professionals includes psychologists, counselors, and therapists who specialise in various areas, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and trauma-informed care. Together, we work to develop coping strategies, promote emotional well-being, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Supported Accommodation

We understand that a supportive living environment plays a crucial role in mental health recovery. Bharosa Community Services offers supported accommodation options for individuals who require a structured and nurturing space. Our team ensures that you have access to a safe and inclusive community that fosters personal growth and a sense of belonging.

Life Skills Development

Building resilience and acquiring essential life skills are integral to long-term mental health maintenance. We provide targeted programs and workshops to enhance your independent living skills, including financial management, meal planning, self-care techniques, and social integration. Our aim is to empower you with the tools you need to navigate life’s challenges confidently.

Community Integration

Bharosa Community Services believes in the power of community. We actively promote social inclusion by facilitating participation in various community-based activities and events. By connecting you with local support networks and resources, we encourage the development of meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging, essential for your overall well-being.

Hence, Bharosa Community Services is your trusted partner in the journey towards improved mental health and well-being. As an NDIS service provider, we are dedicated to supporting individuals and families by offering a wide range of services tailored to your unique needs. Our person-centered approach, comprehensive assessments, therapeutic interventions, supported accommodation, life skills development, and community integration initiatives are designed to empower you on your path to recovery and personal growth.  Thus, open out about your mental troubles and don’t put yourself down just because someone says anything or labels you as insane. Be the fighter, not defend yourselves and raise your voice today. If not today, then it will be too late!

Small acts of kindness have the power to create big ripples of change. At Bharosa Community Services, we believe in the beauty of compassion and the impact it can have on someone’s life. 

Together, let’s spread kindness and make the world a brighter place. Join us at Bharosa Community Services and take the first step towards a healthier, happier future.

Remember, your mental health matters, and together, we can make a difference.  Click here for a free 1:1 in-home nursing support consultation. We’re here whenever and wherever you need us.

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