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Ensuring Quality Bowel and Bladder Care: A Guide for NDIS Providers

For individuals with disabilities, getting proper bowel and bladder care is essential for their overall well-being and quality of life. For all the disability service providers, it’s essential to conduct thorough continence assessments to ensure the best care for participants. Bharosa Community Services understands the significance of this care and takes pride in assisting our participants with qualified support workers who specialise in quality bowel and bladder care.

What is Continence Assessment?

Continence assessment involves evaluating an individual’s ability to control their bladder and bowels. This assessment helps in understanding the participant’s needs, challenges, and the level of support required for proper management.

Key Considerations for Continence Assessment

  • Individualised Assessment: Each participant has unique needs. Conduct a personalised assessment to understand their specific challenges, medical history, medications, and any existing continence-related issues.
  • Functional Assessment: Evaluate the participant’s physical abilities, mobility, and cognitive functions that may affect their continence. This includes assessing their ability to access toileting facilities independently.
  • Communication and Consent: Establish effective communication to understand the participant’s preferences, concerns, and any discomfort they might be experiencing. Always seek informed consent before implementing any continence care plan.
  • Bowel and Bladder Care Routine: Develop a routine that aligns with the participant’s lifestyle, including regular toileting schedules, fluid intake, dietary considerations, and exercises that promote continence.
  • Support and Education: Provide comprehensive education and support to the participant and their caregivers or family members. This includes training on proper toileting techniques, hygiene practices, and recognizing signs of potential issues.

How Bharosa Community Services Assists Participants?

At Bharosa, we prioritise the well-being of our participants by offering specialised support in bowel and bladder care. 

Here’s how we ensure quality care:

Qualified Support Workers: Our team consists of qualified and trained support workers experienced in providing personalised continence care.

Individualised Care Plans: We create personalised care plans based on thorough continence assessments, addressing the unique needs and preferences of each participant.

Continuous Monitoring and Support: We regularly monitor and adapt our care plans according to the participant’s progress and any changes in their condition or needs.

Education and Empowerment: We empower participants and their support networks with educational resources and training sessions to enhance their understanding and ability to manage continence effectively.

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals: We collaborate with healthcare professionals, including continence nurses or specialists, to ensure comprehensive care and support for our participants.


As an NDIS provider, conducting comprehensive continence assessments and providing tailored care plans are crucial steps toward ensuring the well-being and dignity of participants. At Bharosa Community Services, we are committed to delivering high-quality bowel and bladder care through personalised support, education, and collaboration with healthcare experts, enabling our participants to lead fulfilling lives with independence and dignity.

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