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Finding Your Voice: How Speech Therapy with NDIS Can Help Adults with Autism!

Adults with Autism may experience challenges in social interaction and communication, such as difficulty understanding nonverbal cues or taking things literally. They might also have repetitive behaviours or intense interests, and sensory sensitivities to noise, light, or touch. Autism spectrum disorder is real and it can be properly taken care of by consulting a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis.

One of the most effective measures for Autism is speech therapy. It can be a powerful tool for adults on the Autism spectrum, helping them improve communication and participate fully in life.

If your loved one is going through similar conditions, Bharosa Community Services is ready to help.


Imagine the joy of seeing your loved one confidently express their thoughts and feelings. Speech therapy can help adults with Autism:

  • Improve speech clarity: This can involve working on articulation, pronunciation, and fluency (reducing stuttering).
  • Develop social communication skills: Learning to take turns in conversations, understand nonverbal cues, and use appropriate language in different situations.
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC): Exploring tools and strategies to help those who have difficulty speaking verbally.

Beyond Words:

Speech therapy can also address swallowing difficulties, which can sometimes occur alongside Autism. This can help ensure your loved one enjoys safe and comfortable mealtimes.

What can speech therapy do?

Many adults with Autism have improved their condition with NDIS-funded speech therapy. One person might learn to order their favourite food at a restaurant for the first time, another might feel empowered to confidently give a presentation at work. On the other hand, one might be able to chew and swallow the food without any difficulty. 

Each success story is unique and inspiring.

Bharosa Community Services: Your Partner in Communication

Bharosa Community Services, as a registered NDIS provider, understands the challenges faced by adults with Autism. Our team of experienced speech therapists can work with your loved one to develop a personalised plan that addresses their specific needs.

Don’t wait to discover the power of speech therapy. Contact Bharosa Community Services today and let’s explore how we can help your loved one!

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