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Lifestyle Aids for Disabled People

Lifestyle Aids for Disabled People

Every individual, whether able or disabled, has the right to live a healthy and independent life. Our primary intervention is to assist disabled people in living their lives without being a liability to their loved ones. Besides, we recognise that each person has different needs and requirements. It is not necessary for them to learn to do everything on their own in order to master these life skills, but it enables them to manage circumstances.

In this article, we have discussed the most important daily living skills that we teach and practise with the people we serve in order to raise their self-confidence and support them to live joyful and healthy lives.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene refers to how we care for our bodies. Bathing, washing hands, brushing teeth, and other similar activities fall under this category. Assisting disabled people in these activities keeps them away from becoming infected and ill, and it also helps them feel good about their appearance.

Health and medication administration

The support worker’s role is to ensure that the participant gets the correct medication in the correct dose at the correct time. During the medication, the privacy and self-respect of the individual should be maintained.

Recreation and socialising

Recreation and socialising activities help people with disabilities improve their mental focus and handle their stress and anxiety. It also improves social skills such as cooperation and teamwork. Furthermore, it is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and make connections.

Home security

Home security is one of the crucial things that should be undertaken immediately for you and your loved ones. Therefore, putting in the right security with advanced CCTV cameras surveillance is recommended so that they can easily look after their home. Considering the best options for long-term home safety, comfort, and happiness will result in the most dependable setup.

Financial management

These services assist people with disabilities in effectively managing their money so that they can pay their bills, rent, buy groceries, and get around without going over budget. Participants will also be advised on where to invest their savings.

We believe that the above-mentioned skills support disabled people in living their daily life and performing their tasks in a smooth way.

Talk to us if you need or your loved ones require any kind of service. Bharosa is always accessible!

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