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NDIS NEWS 2023- NDIS National Workforce Plan 2021-2025


The Department of Social Services under the Australian Government launches its NDIS National Workforce Plan 2021-2025.

With the vision of building a responsive and capable workforce for the welfare disabled community in Australia, disability support workers, nurses and allied health professionals are taken into top consideration by the DSS.

Highlights: NDIS National Workforce Plan

The NDIS National Workforce Plan 2021-2025 mentions that 450,000 NDIS participants have been receiving support from over 11,600 active NDIS providers employing around 270,000 workers across 20 occupations at the present scenario. Following the data, DSS estimated, around 500,000 participants will require support from almost 353,000 workers by 2024. This indicates that the requirement of NDIS support worker jobs is in the inclining ratio.

This Plan has been built on the basis of existing data analytics to deliver significant improvements to the NDIS programme. The long-term vision for a capable and responsive NDIS workforce was felt mandatory after Workforce Strategy 2019 was set due to the growing number of NDIS participants.

The NDIS Principles, Code of Conduct and Practice Standards continuously gets translated as per the NDIS Workforce Capability Framework strategies to support skills and behaviour of NDIS workers.

NDIS National Workforce Plan 2021-2025 includes the actions that aligns with the Economic Recovery Plan for Australia, the JobMaker Plan and JobTrainer Fund, as well as Vocational Education and Training (VET) reforms. All these sub-plans aim towards the overall growth of differently abled citizens. 

NDIS Budget

The $64.3 million fund is allocated for the NDIS Jobs and Market Fund (JMF) following the success of the $112 million Sector Development Fund, with targeted projects to grow the provider market and workforce in size and capability.

Furthermore, the plan allocates $5.9 million to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability to access culturally appropriate and localised NDIS support as part of the NDIS Ready project.

Besides, NDIS National Workforce Plan 2021-2025 invests $41.5 million in the Local Care Workforce program that includes projects to help individual providers transition to the NDIS, and build the workforce capability. Therefore, both the disabled individuals as well as ndis providers are getting opportunities to grow on their respective on top of opening up several employment opportunities for support workers.

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