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Supports funded by the NDIS

Supports funded by the NDIS

The NDIS-supported fund in Australia is administered by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services. The fund provides financial assistance to people with disabilities, including those who have a mental illness or a cognitive impairment. It also provides financial assistance to people who are parenting children with disabilities. To be eligible for assistance from the NDIS-supported fund in Australia, you must have a disability and live in an Australian state or territory. 

There are a number of different NDIS support services that are funded in Australia for disabled people. Each one has its own unique benefits and requirements, so it is important to find the right type of support for your needs.

The different types of support funds of the NDIS include:

Quality Guardians

Quality guardians help people with a disability maintain their quality of life by providing support, assistance, and advice. They may also offer services like getting people where they need to go, delivering food, helping with banking, and giving personal care.

Supported Employment

The supported employment fund offers people with a disability the chance to work alongside others while still receiving regular support from an NDIS provider. This type of service is usually offered through Job Services Australia or other social welfare agencies. It also provides assistance to people with disabilities who want to work. They can help them find job training or even start their own business.

Integrated Supportive Living

Integrated supportive living provides people with disabilities access to independent living facilities that combine residential accommodation with tailored support such as financial assistance, therapy sessions, and leisure activities. This type of support allows families more freedom while their loved ones remain close by.

Therefore, you can select these NDIS-supported funds based on your needs. This fund helps to improve their quality of life. It offers disabled people a sense of stability and lowers their risk of abandonment by their family and friends.

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