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The NDIA Data Updates and the NDIS Data Categorization


Whether you are a participant, family or a provider, the updated NDIS data can be very useful to understand the NDIS in more detail. You will be able to search by area of interest, including participant numbers and plan budgets, providers, markets and plan utilisation.

The NDIA regularly releases data about the NDIS as part of our commitment in the Participant Service Charter to be transparent.

You can get the information regarding updated data on:

NDIS Data Categorization Details:

The NDIA is focused on freely sharing NDIS information. This data can assist you with better supporting NDIS members, recognize new valuable open doors for businesses, figure out the NDIS commercial centre around Australia, and assist with illuminating your independent direction.

Investigate Information is an intelligent device to assist you with finding data you really want. The information can be sifted or arranged by member type, revealing period, area or backing class and classification. You can see the information online in your favoured configuration as a diagram or table or download the dataset.

Well, the information is gathered into three segments and they are Member Information, Market Information and Supplier Information.

  • Member Information: is about NDIS members, including complete number of members, normal committed supports and normal instalments.
  • Market Information: is about the NDIS market, remembering data for supplier focus, all out instalments, complete committed supports, and usage.
  • Supplier Information: is about suppliers, remembering data for dynamic suppliers, members per supplier, supplier development and supplier shrinkage.

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