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Types of support budgets in NDIS: Things you must know

support budget in NDIS

As a NDIS participant, everyone should know the types of support budgets in NDIS and their details. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support budget consists of three core categories of support.

Core Budget: 

Core budget is the most flexible budget amongst the support budget in NDIS, which includes four categories of support.

Consumables: Covers items like continence aids and everyday use products.

Daily Activities: Supports self-care activities during the day or evening.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation: Helps you engage in social and recreational activities.

Transport: Covers transportation costs for those unable to use public transport due to disability.

You can generally reallocate funds between these categories except for specific purposes like compensation, specialised disability accommodation, in-kind government pre-paid supports, and shared living arrangements.

Capacity Building Budget:

Capacity building budget is divided into eight support sub-categories, matched to your plan goals. You can use these funds for approved individual support within the same category but cannot move funds between categories.

The sub-categories include:

Choice and Control: Training in planning and plan management.

Daily Activity: Therapy to enhance your capacity to participate.

Employment: Assessment and counselling related to employment.

Health and Wellbeing: Exercise advice due to disability impact.

Home Living: Support to obtain or maintain suitable accommodation.

Lifelong Learning: Assistance transitioning from school to further education.

Relationships: Positive behavioural support to address challenging behaviours.

Social and Community Participation: Training and support for life skills, public transport, and community engagement.

Support Coordination (if required): It is also included in the Capacity Building budget. It helps strengthen your abilities to coordinate and implement supports and participate more fully in the community.

Capital Support Budget:

Capital support budget is for specific purposes, including assistive technology and home modifications, and depends on quotes from suppliers. 

It has two support categories:

Assistive Technology: Covers mobility, personal care, communication, and recreational equipment (e.g., wheelchairs or vehicle modifications).

Home Modifications: Supports modifications like bathroom rails.

Funds within the capital support budget in NDIS cannot be used for other items or purposes.


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