NDIS Registered Provider in Queensland

Assist Travel/Transport

Why travel / transportation services?

This service provides a package of support and services to help disabled people to travel independently.

Travel passes

It includes free travel passes for people who are disabled. If you or your family members want to travel, then our team members are ready to help and provide travel passes. We also help you get access to translink access passes. Meeting and greeting your loved ones is not difficult anymore.

Emergency Service Assistance

If your loved ones need assistance while travelling, then our team members are ready to assist them depending on where you live. This way, we could help you get back home safely. We also provide you with our toll-free number so that you can have information about your loved ones.

Road Safety Education

Every year, there are many accidents due to road safety education programs. This program helps people learn how to drive safely on Australian roads. Therefore, we educate our participants about different types of traffic violations and the penalties associated with them. Also, our skilled team members teach people with disabilities how to drive safely and how to read warning signs.

Transportation Options

There are various options of transportation at Bharosa for participants who want to travel long distances or short ones. We provide transport options, including buses, trains, taxis, and flights. Having reliable transportation is important when participants want to travel around. Our qualified support workers own disability friendly vehicles to ease the travel support for our participants. We make sure to help you reach your destination with complete safety.

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