NDIS Registered Provider in Queensland

We are Bharosa

Aspire to Serve With Love and Respect.

Aspire to Serve With Love
and Respect.

Our services for you!

Our services for you !

We are completely dedicated to bringing happiness into people's lives through love, care, and compassion. We believe that all people, regardless of disability, should have equal rights and opportunities to live independently. Therefore, we make it possible with our professional support staff who are trained under NDIS terms.

Household Tasks

Assistance in doing household tasks such as making beds, cleaning the bathroom, gardening, window washing, meal preparation, etc.

Assistance in Personal Activities

Assistance and supervision with personal care such as bathing, getting dressed, toileting, hair maintenance, etc.

Accommodation Tenancy Assistance

Assistance with tenancy issues and proper guidance to find a house for rent or purchase on the best value for money.

Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment

Assistance with complete training and preparation for becoming self-employed and self-sufficient to remain employed throughout life.

Assistance to Travel/Transport

Assistance with travelling to and from your desired location in disability-friendly vehicles. Meeting and greeting your loved ones is not difficult anymore.

Assisted Personal Activities - High Intensity

Assistance with complete love and care in delivering high-intensity and prioritised treatments from complex medication to ventilation support. 

Group/Center-Based Activities

Assistance with group activities is provided with a proper plan and design that aims to socialise and empower NDIS participants.

Community Nursing Care

Assistance with all the medical and nursing needs is given at home or community. The care plan includes wound care, chronic disease management, etc.

Community Access

Assistance with accessing your community for health check-up, event celebrations, travels and walks, fun, shopping, and any relevant activities that participants feel like doing.

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