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Assistance to Access Maintain Employment

Individuals who have disabilities may require support throughout their lifetime, including that related to education, training, and work. As these individuals age, it may become increasingly difficult to maintain participation in the workforce due to increasing mobility challenges. But there are ways to help them stay in the job market, especially if both private and public sector organisations help them in the right way.

Accessing Services

In order to access employment services, individuals need to contact an approved provider first. Then, providers will decide if the participant meets the criteria for eligibility and make a plan just for that person.

Employment Services

Employment services aim to enable individuals to find and keep paid work. In a typical situation, a person would do things to find suitable jobs, prepare for interviews, go to interviews, take part in workplace assessments, negotiate pay and conditions, manage working hours, take part in employment programs, and get ongoing support from employers.

Community-based support

It is that support that can be done anywhere outside the home and workplace. Support workers work alongside others, such as parents, friends, and siblings, to provide assistance with everyday activities. Individuals may also seek out social groups, clubs, and recreational activities.

Hence,  This service is designed to assist people with disabilities to access employment services so they are able to provide individualised support to meet the needs of their participants. It is important to note that there is no single best method of supporting an individual’s employment. Each participant requires a unique set of strategies and supports to promote independence and quality of life.

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