NDIS Registered Provider in Queensland

Household Tasks

We help you with household tasks. For the information, if you have an NDIS plan, you will be saving your funds for household help services. This plan is for people with a disability to make their lives easier and support them to live independently. Our skilled caregivers are delighted to help participants in their household services.

This service includes:


Self-care is an important part of leading a healthy and happy life. Our skilled team takes care of your loved ones physically, mentally, and emotionally. These services include help with daily tasks like taking care of oneself, getting dressed, making meals, and so on.

Assistance with domestic tasks

We provide assistance to people with a disability to do their household tasks like making beds, cleaning the bathroom, gardening, window washing, meal prep, grocery shopping, etc. We offer a package of services to suit your participants’ needs. While we think that everyone’s situation is unique, we offer accessible and flexible services—whether you need them on a daily basis, once a week, or once a fortnight, we’ll be available all the time.

Assistance with personal care

When it comes to personal care, there’s no place we would rather be than by your side. Our trained care takers are always ready to assist your loved ones when you need them. We try to ensure that the participant’s needs are met. We will always be there at any time whenever you need us.

Assistance with community access

We provide services to people with disabilities so they are able to interact with the community in ways they might not have been able to in the past. We make this possible through assistive technology and by introducing them to things like the internet, tablets, and phones, and we also take them to different social events and gatherings specially organised for disabled people. This kind of independence leads them to become more socially active due to their connection with other people.

If you are looking for such services for your loved ones and want them to be able to converse freely without being hindered by their disability,

Talk to us; Bharosa is always ready to assist you!

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