NDIS Registered Provider in Queensland

Development- Life Skills

The development of life skills programs aims to improve the quality of life of disabled people and help them with their daily tasks. It involves learning new skills, like driving, cooking, repairing things, etc. We are trying to become the support system for people with the NDIS scheme who share the same needs.

Functional Assessment and Planning

The purpose of functional assessment and planning services is to promote success for people with disabilities by providing structured support, opportunities, and activities that allow them to achieve their daily goals and participate in community life. It aims to give people with disabilities a complete and well-coordinated plan to help them plan and handle daily tasks, especially those related to education, work, social participation, and living on their own.

Community Participation and Inclusion

Community Participation and Inclusion is designed to encourage and support community inclusion for eligible people with disabilities participating in community activities. Activities offered include self-advocacy, access to information, recreational activities, inclusive environments, and general awareness-raising. It is implemented through a number of different strategies, including information provision, skill building, access to transport, recreation and leisure facilities, cultural and sporting events and activities, health promotion, advocacy, leadership roles, and role modelling.

We are sure that these sorts of enhancement skills will bring positive results in the lives of your loved ones, and participants can also live confidently and happily.

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